Carol, Massage Therapist

I have been a patient of Dr. Carter’s for many years. During one of my visits I was telling him I wanted to do something after I retired from teaching. He suggested I become a massage therapist and work for him. I took his advice and began working at Carter Chiropractic & Acupuncture in June [...]

Peoria Chiropractic, Destiny Pic

Destiny, Clinical Assistant

Working with and being a patient of Dr. Carter’s for the last six years has really shown me the important role that chiropractic care plays in a healthy lifestyle.  Since I get to take patients directly to Dr. Carter and perform different types of therapy, I am able to see first hand the benefits of [...]


Kathy, Front Desk Coordinator

I have worked here for two years and have come to appreciate and respect the importance of chiropractic care.  I have seen patients come in the door in such pain that they can barely walk.  Within a few treatments the smiles are back on their faces and they are feeling better.  What a rewarding occupation [...]


Malisa, Clinical Assistant

My job is to assist Dr. Carter with various patient therapies and examination procedures. I love to watch our patients get better through natural care.  I strongly believe in chiropractic care.  I have seen so many of our patient who in the beginning of their care dealt with a lot of pain.  Once they have [...]