The effects of poor posture can be serious in terms of health, comfort and efficiency, causing fatigue.  Many problems can be helped.  If you or a momber of your family has what appears to be a postural problem, you should seek the advice of a doctor of chiropractic.  Unless there is an anatomical (structural deformity) or pathological (disease-caused) disturbance, the chances for correction are excellent.


If not correct, poor posture can affect the health and well-being of the individual.  Poor posture contributes to shallow breathing, a cramped chest cavity, fault digestion, poor elimination, and venous return, each of which affects not only the functions of individual organs, but also the system.  Lack of energy and reduced coordination are just two fo many symptoms of a body that is not functioning efficiently.


What are the Benefits of Correct Posture?

  1. Improves health
  2. Improves your appearance
  3. Improves your coordination
  4. Increases your strength
  5. Gives you more stamina
  6. Makes your clothes fit better
  7. Gives you confidence
  8. Gives you a better body balance and makes you more agile
  9. Reduces the possibility of injury
  10. Aids in physical and mental development