Peoria Chiropractic – A History

Chiropractic, established over a century ago, is a natural approach to health restoration.  It is based on the premise that much pain and disease is caused by interference with the function of the nervous system.  Since every tissue and organ of the body is connected to and controlled by nerves from the spinal cord and brain, removal of nerve interference by correcting structural misalignments of the spine can bring dramatic results.  Chiropractic is the world’s largest and safest natural health care profession.

The Chiropractic Physician (D.C.) is a licensed professional with a minimim of 8 years of rigorous college study.  They specialize in the detection of structural misalignments of the spine which adversely affect the nervous system and cause abnormal bodily function.

As a natural health care method, chiropractic approaches illness from a non-invasive manner, that is, without utilizing drugs or surgical procedures.  And while the chiropractic profession recognizes that drugs and surgery may by necessary at times, it also understands there are limitations and risks associated with both.