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Peoria Chiropractor & Acupuncture is located in north Peoria, IL.  It is one of the most advanced and sophisticated chiropractic facilities in the Central Illinois area specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of difficult and chronic spinal disorders.

Headed by Dr. Jerry E. Carter, who began his practice in 1980, the clinic is staffed by two chiropractic physicians, a massage therapist, an x-ray technician and a support team of three para-professionals.

Thousands of patient visits have contributed to the growth of Peoria Chirpractor & Acupuncture.   Its well-deserved reputation has been built in large part on Dr. Carter’s basic philosophy, which has been a cornerstone of the practice since its inceptions.  Simply stated, that philosophy is to:

Treat patients with the personal care, integrity and respect that I would like myself or may family treated with.

Once again, a warm welcome!

-Dr. Jerry